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Why We Love PDO Threads and Non-Surgical Anti-Ageing Treatments

wpr-beauty-spa-cosmetic-site-pdo-thread-lift-feature1The more we work with PDO Threads, the more excited we are about this fantastic treatment. It is a relatively new approach to anti-ageing but we are already seeing its huge potential. PDO Thread will take one step further than our existing anti-ageing technologies, we currently use and still love at A.R.T. PDO Threads provide a more natural and sustainable way to combat sagging and loose skin and bring a more youthful appearance to skin texture as well.



First, you need to know how surgical face lift works. 

A surgical face lift process involves the surgeon making an incision along your hairline close to your ears. The skin is separated from the muscle tissue underneath, so that the muscles can be tightened and the skin is then lifted and re-positioned before being stitched back to where the original incision. Any excess skin will be removed.

This invasive procedure will inevitably damage your nervous system. It will take time for those nerves to re-attach, therefore you will most likely to feel prolonged tingling sensation on the face. Also due to the invasive nature of the procedure, you can only expect to have one or maximum two face lift procedures in a lifetime. As time goes by, the ageing process will not slow down, resulting in limited options to maintain result of your facelift.

Now let’s look at PDO Threads Lifting.

PDO Threads are a special threads, which is introduced into the skin to lift tissue and muscle and improve skin texture. These threads are the same kind that are used to stitch wounds in surgeries. The threads will eventually dissolve in about 6 months.

why go surgicalThe best part about using these threads, are that they encourage collagen production. There comes the huge advantage of PDO Threads: it does not only bring your face an instant lift, it will also fill your skin with the essential protein that we lose due to age.  Therefore, it offers a natural and sustainable results to sagging and loose skin, and achieve a tighter and smoother appearance.

Also in terms of maintaining the results, PDO holds a great advantage. The results of PDO Threads last 1-2 years. You can combine other non-surgical anti-ageing treatments such as DermaRoller / Dermapen skin micro-needling procedures, or Radio Frequency to tighten the skin. Then after 1-2 years that you can simply top up with another round of PDO Threads. Depends on your skin condition and affordability, the maintenance treatment can either be the same as your initial one, or just focus on specific area of your concern.



There are many anti-ageing products and treatments available on the market. However A.R.T firmly believe in those that utisling our body’s natural healing abilities to combat ageing. This doesn’t mean that we are completely against surgical options. All we’d like to emphasis is that non-surgical procedures such as PDO Thread Lifting can substantially prolong the need of surgical face lift. As an industry practitioner, it’s our responsibly to let you know the options available so that you can make an informed decision. We would also like to advice anyone who’s seeking anti-ageing solutions to do their research first and explore different avenues before making any decisions.

At A.R.T Aesthetics, we offer NO FEE NO OBLIGATION consultation, so that one of our experience therapists can access your skin, go through your needs and work with you to come up a personalised skin care programme suits your needs.



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