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Diode Laser Vein Removal


Leg veins, spider veins and other visible benign vascular lesions are common aesthetic conditions for which patients seek treatment for both medical and cosmetic reasons. At A.R.T Aesthetics, we have a wide range of non-surgical procedure to treat veins and vascular lesions.

Diode Laser Vein Removal

We specialised in Diode Laser Vein Removal, the most advanced technology in the mark for vein removals. Compared with traditional method, diode laser can reach the target tissue more accurately. It will reduce redness, burning of the skin. It also has a less chance for scaring.

The advantage of Diode Laser Vein Removal include:

  • Non-surgical procedure. There is no injury, no bleeding, no scars afterwards.
  • Efficient treatment. One or two sessions are usually enough for permanent vein removal.
  • The results can last longer than traditional method.

Diode Laser Vein Removal Treatment

Diode Laser is clinically proven to provide excellent treatment for:

  • Vascular removal: face, arms, legs and the whole body
  • Pigment lesions treatment: speckle, age spots, sunburn, pigmentation
  • Blood clots
  • Blood spider clearance


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