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Laser Tattoo Removal

Don’t like your tattoo anymore? With our Laser Tattoo Removal technology, we can help you remove the tattoo safely and  effectively. We have aesthetic clinic based in London Harley Street as well as Billericay, Essex!

Laser Tattoo Removal is a non-invasive procedure that will remove tattoo pigments. It is a technique ideal for:

  • Removal of unwanted tattoo of any size and colour
  • Removal of bad Permanent Makeup

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

This non-surgical procedure involves using lasers to break down the ink particles in the tattoo. The body will naturally absorb the broken-down ink. This process is similar to the natural fading process that time or sun exposure would create.


What Does Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Involve?

Please book a FREE Initial Consultation with one of our highly experienced technician. We will access your condition, answer any questions you may have and recommend a treatment plan depends on your individual requirements

What Are The Results Of Laser Tattoo Removal?

As every one is different, the results of each Laser Tattoo Removal case may vary, depending on a lot of factors including, the condition of your skin, your skin tone, the size and colour of the tattoo and which body part the tattoo is located.

However, generally speaking, you will see visibal fading of your tattoo after the first treatment.

Laser Tattoo Removal usually requires repeated visit to the clinic. To achieve an optimum results, you will usually need a course of treatment. Your aesthetician will be able to give you detailed advice of the number of treatments at the time of your consultation.

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To book your consultation, please call 01277633907. At A.R.T Aesthetics, we offer an initial consultation at £25, deductible on treatments.

The consultation usually lasts 30mins. You will meet one of our highly qualified aesthetician who will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.