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Experience the latest generation of Carboxytherapy at A.R.T Aesthetics, advanced aesthetic clinic based in Billericay, Essex.

What is Carboxytherapy?

It is a non-surgical procedure using the injection of medical CO2 into the subcutaneous tissue thanks to a fine needle that performs a powerful vasodilatory effect at the microcirculatory level, increasing lipolysis in the tissues. The toxins released during the process are eliminated through the lymphatic system, improving the skin tone.

What does Carboxytherapy Treat?

It plays a coadjutant role of mesotherapy in the treatment of cellulite and adipose tissue but it can also complement practically all treatments requiring improved microcirculation and increased tissue oxygenation.

It is an ideal treatment for:

  • under-eye puffiness
  • double chins
  • slow scarring
  • vascular disease

Carboxytherapy for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Carboxytherapy is really effective treatment for dark circles under the eyes. In the majority of cases these circles are caused by poor blood circulation beneath the lower eyelids, known as vascular pooling.

Injecting carbon dioxide under the skin of the lower eyelid causes circulation to be increased resulting, in a marked improvement in the dark pigmentation.

For Fat Reduction & Cellulite

For resistant fat reduction, Carboxytherapy at high volume is introduced deep in to the fat which then breaks up the fat cell and stimulates new vessels and rejuvenation.

For cellulite reduction, Carboxytherapy is introduced deep alongside the lymphatic system of the upper and lower leg to improve lymphatic drainage and circulation. Toxins which contribute to the orange peel effect are removed and collagen is stimulated. This all leads to improved texture and appearance of the cellulite.

For Stretch Marks

For stretch marks, traditionally a very difficult skin problem to treat, Carboxytherapy introduced into the stretch marks improves the collagen content and shrinks the stretch marks , improving the appearance.

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