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Experience Dermaplaing, the safe and highly effective physical exfoliation procedure at A.R.T

Dermaplaning, also known as Microplaning, is an innovative form of skin exfoliation that involves taking a fine scalpel and “shaving” dead, dry, and damaged skin from the face. The result is a smooth and youthful facial complexion that can reverse the appearance of years of harsh chemicals, sun damage, and dryness. As an added bonus, Microplaning can also remove small hairs, which makes the skin appear even smoother and more vibrant.

Benefits of Dermaplaning Including:

  • Increase absorption of skin products
  • Reduce appearance of fine lines
  • Minimise pores
  • Remove fine hairs
  • Create healthier, more radiant appearance

This procedure takes approximately one hour, and can be completed without side effects or scarring. Following the treatment, patients can expect to see smoother and more supple skin that appears bright and refreshed. Dermaplaning treatment should be scheduled monthly to maintain the best results.

This treatment is perfect for patients with sensitive skin, or those who cannot use harsh peeling agents due to previous skin conditions, pregnancy, or known allergies. This procedure is also ideal for anyone who works outdoors or is frequently exposed to the sun in their daily routines, as the chemical agents involved in other peels may be too harsh for patients that encounter regular sun exposure.

Combining Dermaplaning with Cryotherapy

  • Tighten The Skin
  • Enhance Skin Repair
  • Improve Skin Condition
  • Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Within the cryo facial treatment, pressurized liquid nitrogen vapors are gently blown over the surface of the face and neck. The appearance of the face is enhanced immediately as pores shrink and facial inflammation and “puffiness” are reduced.

Dark spots are brightened, leaving a youthful, healthy glow. The skin becomes tighter, more even-toned, and blood circulation is improved. Over time, the skin of the face regains elasticity due to the increase in collagen.

Dermaplaning is also and ideal treatment to be combined with other skin rejuvenation services such as PRP and Dermapen Skin Microplaning to bring optimum result.

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