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Introducing Emalene Grove, the visionary Founder of A.R.T. With an impressive 30-year journey in the aesthetic and beauty industries, Emalene has dedicated her life to achieving excellence in these fields. Her expertise and passion have led her to establish the award-winning clinic, A.R.T, based in Billericay. Recently opening a second location  in the sunny Algarve in Portugal.

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Emalene' s career began in 1995 when she opened her first salon, which flourished into a renowned establishment. Throughout her professional journey, she has ventured into salon consultancy, product distribution, and brand development, collaborating with prestigious companies such as Harrods, Urban Retreat, and the Thai Square Group.



Early on, Emalene discovered her passion for aesthetics, particularly in the realm of Permanent Cosmetics. With over two decades of experience in this field, she has honed her craft to perfection, specializing not only in remedial and corrective treatments but also in treatments tailored for men. Moreover, she possesses exceptional skills in removing and correcting poorly executed Permanent Makeup.

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opened first salon in 1995

two decades of experience

The future ofaesthetic beauty

Collaborating with doctors and surgeons for several years, Emalene ran a highly successful Injectable clinic. Her role involved providing comprehensive support for patients while delivering exceptional results. However, her unwavering love for skin and her desire to offer treatments that harness the body's natural healing process motivated her to explore curative and preventative approaches.

Driven by her extensive experience and knowledge, Emalene pioneered A.R.T Aesthetics. In this innovative concept, she combines beauty and cosmetics to work harmoniously, maximizing results and providing clients with outstanding long-term outcomes without the need for surgery.

Join us on this transformative journey, where Emalene and her team are committed to delivering unparalleled service, exceptional results, and a rejuvenated you. Welcome to the future of A.R.T.

Emalene' s bespoke treatment plans, incorporating pioneering techniques, along with her handpicked and highly trained team, guarantee the highest level of care and treatment results that transcend time itself. At A.R.T, we welcome you to experience the future of aesthetic beauty.

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